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Hey! Been a while.

Just wanted to let you guys know I'll be at Emerald City Comic Con (ECCC) March 28-30 in Seattle, and at Toronto Comic Art Festival (TCAF) May 10 and 11. I'll be selling TJ and Amal Volumes 1 and 2, Kung Fu Hustlers and Whisper Grass (adult side story comics), and will be taking commissions.
At ECCC, I'll be at table KK-09, on the third floor.
Also, check out the Boom! Studios booth at ECCC-- I did a wraparound cover illo for their con-exclusive hardcover Adventure Time collection. :D

I had hoped to debut TJ&A Volume 3 at TCAF, but RL crises pushed the press date back a couple of weeks. I don't know yet whether it will be printed in time.

As for summer cons, I will *probably* be at San Japan (July 18-20, San Antonio-- I would only be there the 19th and 20th, though), but that depends on a family situation. As soon as things solidify, I'll post whether or not that's happening.

I'll also be a guest at Otakuthon  (August 22-24, Montréal)! I haven't been to Montréal in about 20 years, and am super excited to go back.


As you may know, after six years, TJ and Amal is about to come to an end. Right now, the final update is scheduled for May 13, though that may change. (I really want to pace the updates so that the last one goes up when the Volume 3 book is available, so it may be later.) The whole shebang tops out at 498 pages.

TJ and Amal Volume 3 is almost done; with the exception of the last few comic pages, everything's ready to go-- layout, endnotes, cover, etc. I'm hoping to send it to the printer on March 25 (and maybe check the proof sheets during downtime at ECCC :U) but not sure if that will happen.

A lot of folks have asked about a TJ and Amal omnibus/collected edition; there are plans for this, but they will not solidify until probably late summer. I plan to shop it to a couple of publishers who have previously expressed interest. If one of them picks it up, great; if not, I'll run a Kickstarter for it. The omnibus edition will happen either way. :)


Shortly after TJ & Amal wraps up, I'll do another side story comic. It'll be two stories in one floppy book - probably about 32 pages. One story will be adults only and the other will be PG-rated. Like Whisper Grass, it'll be a limited edition print (prob. 1000 copies), but unlike WG, I'll probably also sell PDFs.

This summer I'll be working on a stand-alone short comic, totally unrelated to TJ&A, for Image. I'm not at liberty to say much else about that yet, but I'm real excited about it!
I've also got two other new comic projects in the nebulous stage; not saying anything about either of those until they're confirmed.

As for any more webcomics or long-running stories? Your guess is as good as mine. After TJ&A ends I am going to need a lot of creativity recharge time. Please bear with me.

Thanks so much! Hope 2014 is treating you well.


Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
- How long have you been drawing? Most of my life. I didn't pursue rigorous training when I was younger and am now am way, WAAAY behind where I should be.

- Do you do art requests or trades? Sorry, nope. Between a full-time job, my comic, and sleep, I don't have much time these days.

- Are you open for commissions? Very, very rarely, and only when I post an "open" notice. I love doing commissions, but as above, I just don't have the time.

- Do you do comics for a living? Nope; I'm a technical illustrator by day. I have no plans to make a career out of comics. The money's not so hot, and I think stress would suck a lot of the fun out of it.

- Will you be selling TJ and Amal as a book? Yes, in fact, Volumes 1 and 2 are now on sale, and I am hoping to put out Volume 3 in early 2014. Hopefully, the story will also be collected into a single big volume when it is completely done. In the meantime, it can be read here.

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palilogy Apr 15, 2014  Student Digital Artist
You were my first exposure to web comics, and you were my first inspiration to really try and draw my own :) I've spoken to you before on tumblr or something (like years ago probably but you were a delight.) I'm sure you don't remember chatting with me but I wanted to share the fact that I've finally buckled down and started developing characters and a plotline and everything. I'm on my way to webcomic glory!
lady-toyano Apr 14, 2014   General Artist
i somehow missed when kungfu hustlers went onsale. Now im going to feel incomplete bc i dont have it... well i do have smut peddler at least. Anywho, it's been an amazing ride. I can't wait to support what you do next ♡♥♡♥♡♥
bigbigtruck Apr 15, 2014  Professional General Artist
Kung Fu Hustlers is the floppy stand-alone comic of my Smut Peddler submission, so you haven't missed anything!  That and it hasn't gone on sale online yet, just at conventions.
Just read all 42 chapters and 14 pages start to finish. Awesome!

Like nothing I have ever read, the pacing, the storytelling, I love Tj and Amal.
You really struck a chord in me, I so want that sort of realtionship, the trust, the wild abandon but being there for each other.

You've captured something special and in the process, captured my heart (cliche, but hey).
bigbigtruck Feb 28, 2014  Professional General Artist
Aw, thanks so much!  Glad you liked it :D
Look forward to more, they pop into my mind quite regularly now.
YOOO! I just wanted my first post on DA to be all about how I love your boys. I'm reading the story start to finish to my own playlist for my...1..2..4..4th time!! Keep up the good work. A-mal and Teej feel like family to me. lol ;)
bigbigtruck Feb 5, 2014  Professional General Artist
Ah, thanks so much! :)
bigbigtruck Feb 5, 2014  Professional General Artist
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